The Local Government Unit of Claveria, in collaboration with the Department of Health, organized three significant events in 2023: a seminar on Non-communicable Diseases, an Information Dissemination Campaign focusing on HIV/STI Programs, and the Serbisyong Pangkalusugan para kay Lolo at Lola program for Senior Citizens.

One of the key events was the Non-Communicable Disease Seminar, which provided a critical venue for educating the community on the prevention and management of non-communicable diseases. The lecture was essential in raising awareness and enabling residents to adopt healthier lifestyle choices.

The HIV/STI Information Dissemination Campaign was another critical component of the health campaign. This initiative aimed to reduce the stigma associated with HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while also offering important information on prevention, testing, and support services. By freely addressing these sensitive issues, the community was more likely to protect themselves and gain access to needed healthcare resources.

Furthermore, the “Serbisyong Pangkalusugan para kay Lolo at Lola” under the Senior Citizen Programme was a commendable initiative. It catered to the elderly population’s special health needs, ensuring that seniors were given specialized care and attention. This programme underlined the significance of prioritizing the health and overall well-being of older individuals and cultivating a sense of respect and dignity for the elderly within the community.

Through these measures, the Local Government Unit of Claveria, in collaboration with the Department of Health, exhibited a steadfast commitment to public health. They sought to create a healthier and better informed community by addressing a variety of health issues, such as noncommunicable illnesses, HIV/STIs, and senior citizen healthcare.