Long time ago, there was a family living in Claveria who got wealthy through fishing. The couple who were on their golden age was blessed having a precious young son. They love their son so dearly. Despite living a happy life, they became greedy and unwanted.

One day, an old man came across the father who was on his way home from an abundant catch. The old man was starving so he requested the father if he could spare a bite from one of the fishes he would cook. The father laughed off his request. The old man said, “You’ll regret it if you will not!”. The father continued walking until he reached home.

While the couple were cooking that night, an old lady came knocking at their door. The old lady pleaded for a bite of fish since she was very hungry. The wife yelled at her exclaiming they have nothing to give. The wife keep pushing her away. The old lady then gave a warning the couple would regret if they won’t give her. Unfortunately, the old lady went away empty handed.

When food was ready for dinner, they found out that their son was missing. They went out to search for their son, asking their neighbors for help. Instead of going home, they spent the night at the shore waiting for the sun to rise. That morning, they found their son across the waves in the east. Despite the tiring night long search, they ran so quickly. They were heart broken to find their beloved son turned to stone.