Claveria lies on the Nortwestern portion of its province, Cagayan with an approximate distance of 185.3 kilometers from Tuguegarao City and 613 kilometers from Manila via Ilocos Region. The approximate total land area is 194 sq. km. that covers bodies of water, forests, agricultural lands and other lands utilized as residential, commercial and industrial.
The splendors of the beautiful and fast growing town of Claveria can be traced from its founding fathers, most of them from the general directions of the towns of Pasuquin and Vintar in the province of Ilocos Norte.
There was a move to transfer their community near the seashore, considering that most of them were fishermen. However, Spanish Missionaries were against the move because of the stone church that was constructed as the center of their faith. The move had never been realized until the coming of the marauding pirates called “Tirongs.” They plundered the place, burned some dwellings and had some other forms of violent attacks. With the situation, Spanish officials decided to put up a Spanish Military fort in Cabicungan that would provide escorts of defense against violent attacks. Moreover, the putting up of fort was to helpprotect the travelers who journeyed both by land and by sea. On the other hand, a church was reconstructed at Nagsimbaanan, now called Ponton as a place of worship for christians.
Don Narciso Claveria, the Governor General of the Philippines made a trip to the whole of Cagayan Valley in 1846 in order to find out and solve problems besetting in the area. Through his leadership, he was able to conquer and stop violent attacks and raids south seas wherein he was conferred the “Grand Cross of San Fernando” by the Queen of Spain. His successful campaign sounded the death knell of the marauding pirates in 1848.
One day, when his ship was docked beside the Kabikungan river, the residents petitioned the sympathetic Governor that their village be turned into a town or pueblo and be separated from the mother town Pamplona in order for travelers or setters from Ilocos to Cagayan to have a better resting place and considering also the huge distance to be travelled from Kabikungan to the Town of Pamplona.
After years of eagerly waiting, Kabikungan was finally became town on June 5, 1865 through a decree of the Governor General of the Philippines. The name “CLAVERIA” was adopted in honor of Don Narciso Claveria, the Governor General of the Philippines in recognition of his successfuk campaign against pirates, his unforgettable visit to the place and his humanitarian policies that have contributed to the development of the place.
Claveria has been dominated by Ilocanos who migrated from Ilocos, particularly Vintar and Pasuquin and known for their industriousness, frugality and religiousness.
Claveria is a town which exquisite beauty is the object of praise and admiration from near and far. A town that keeps with the changing demands of modern times , attracts tourists and visitors to come and go and bring home satisfaction not only on its impressive growth and progress but the hospitality of the people as well. Claveria, truly the ‘Coastal Paradise of the North.’